What is HTTP and HTTPS restful - Analysis of Hyperlinks

 What is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS?


What is HTTP and HTTPS  restful - Analysis of Hyperlinks

Through today's article, I'll tell you about the topic of "what is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS - the difference between HTTP and HTTPS restful".

Do you know what is HTTP, and what is HTTP?

If you do not have the answer, and if you want to change the answer to this question, then read this article carefully until the end.

You must have seen these two words in the address bar of the browser while using the Internet in your mobile or laptop, along with this, you must have seen it at the beginning of the URL (URL) of many websites.

Did you ever question that what is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS?

So, let us understand all the terms.

What is HTTP

 Before knowing the difference between HTTP and HTTPS, first know what HTTP restful is?

If we talk about HTTP, then I want to tell you that the full form of HTTP "Hypertext Transfer Protocol" is "Hypertext Transfer Protocol".

This is a type of Network Protocol that is used in the World Wide Web, the meaning of the word protocol here - which is used at the time of exchange of information between Web Browser and Server that is from a set of Rules.

Whenever you get an HTTP written before the URL of a website, you can take ⇒ https://www.pdftoday.online

So whenever there will be some type of data (Data) (such as Text, Image, Audio, Video File, etc.) between the web browser and the server, then they have to follow some rules, and these rules are determined by HTTP Protocol.

This protocol determines what kind of data will be transferred, along with what kind of transmission will be and how the Response of the browser and server will be on different commends.

This will also notice that nowadays HTTP does not require Type in the browser because the browser uses it by default HTTP.

So when you do Address Enter directly, in front of them yourself http: // Website Name with Extension comes.

Now you have gathered a lot of information about HTTP, if you're down on the things written so far, then clear it through the comment. And if there is not a downturn, then move forward and read further points.

Now we know why not HTTP secure?

Why HTTP is Not Secure

Do you know that HTTP Protocol is not secured? Now you may be thinking what I am saying: -

Yes, through friends, HTTP Connection, which we transfer data is not safe and for this reason, it can be easily hacked (hack).

So let's now know why HTTP is not secured, what is the main reason behind it.

    Data in HTTP occurs in Unencrypted Form, that is, in such a format that anyone can easily understand.
    HTTP requests can be read by any hacker in the middle.
    There is no need for server identification in HTTP, hackers can also respond from the server.

Because of all these reasons, it is not safe, and therefore we should take care that Sensitive Information through HTTP such as Passwords, Credit Card Details, etc. We never have to transfer.

Now we go ahead and go for the second part of this article, where we will get information infamous about what is HTTPS.

What is HTTPS 

First of all, we know it's main and imprint and that is what is HTTPS FULL FORM? So let's tell you the flower form of HTTPS, and that's it - "Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secured".

We can also speak the Secured Version of HTTP, which is used in SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which transfers Data in Encrypted Form between the browser and server. 


What is HTTP and HTTPS How do they work? 

Privacy: Encrypt Data so that no one can read Middleman Data between the customer and the server.

    Integrity: To ensure that the data has not changed somewhere in the middle.
    Authentication: That is, both of them have to prove their identity to each other.

It is certain that it is being communicated that its identity is really what he is telling, or there is no hacker.

If a hacker it will be installed in this work, then it will be very easily caught.

I want to tell you that all data in HTTPS Connection is encrypted by cryptography.

You can also understand that it is changed in the format that it is difficult to decode without a decryption key and similarly transfers are protected to the sensitive information (sensitive information).

Important things to be noted :

Have you seen https: // at the beginning of the URL of a website? If you do not pay attention then see now, now show you?

This means that your data has been secured because of SSL, i.e. your data is safe.

You can see Secure written securely with Lock Icon in Green Color in front of such URL in Chrome's address bar (Address Bar).




The next main question, which may have been held in your mind - how does HTTPS work?


How to Work HTTPS Protocol 

Friends, as I have already told you all data of HTTPS are encrypted to another end from one end.

So if you have to understand how HTTPS work, then you have to understand the concept of cryptography for it, then you will understand its work.

To understand this, you must have some term information given below. Earlier, they understand the difference between HTTP and HTTPS restful.

1. What is Cryptography?

This is a kind of method through which the Ordinary Information (Plain Text) is converted to Unreadable Format, which can only read the authorized user.

2. Public Key and Private Key - Public Key & Private Key Difference

During cryptography, two types of keys are used to keep communications private and secure: -

A "public key" and the second "Private Key" are used for Data Encryption and Decryption.

For this work some algorithms are already made from which the keys are generated, the Private Key is kept with you and the public key is publicly distributed.

3. What is Session Key?

It is also a type of encryption-decryption key which is randomly generated and remains valid for a certain time and then its validity ends.

4. What is Symmetric Encryption - What is Symmetric Encryption?

When you encrypt through the Same Key from both the user and website, it is called Symmetric Encryption and that key is called Symmetric Key.

Now after understanding these points, we come back to my topic and step by step to understand how does HTTPS encryption work?

How Does HTTPS Encryption Work - How SSL Works - Difference Between HTTP And HTTPS

I explain this process with the help of an example so that you can understand it well.

    Because of the value, you typed the address of the Facebook website in your browser and then pressed it.
    Now your browser will request a Facebook server for HTTPS Connection.
    Facebook Your Public Key Send You And Private Key holds near you.
    Your browser makes a third key generate Session Key.
    Your System Session key encrypts from the public key given by Facebook and sends it to Facebook.
    Now that Session Key decrypt from Facebook's server to your Private Key. (Now Session Key is available near both your browser and server.)
    Now here Session Key will work like Symmetric Key in a way and your connection will be installed through Symmetric Encryption until you close the site.

So, now you understand its function well, if yes then let's go to the table foam, we understand the difference between HTTP and HTTPS, so that you will be able to remember points.
Find the difference between HTTP and HTTPS restful
The URL starts from http: //.                  The URL starts from https: //.
This is an unsecured protocol.                          This is a secured Protocol

There is no encryption in it.
Encryption is necessary for its connection.

A SECURITY certificate does not require.
It requires a security certificate for the Website's Identity.

Data TRANSFER PORT is through 80.
It is used in Data Transfer Port 443.

A website like Blog, School, or College, which can be used to share information, can use HTTP.
A website like any shopping site, social site, banking should use HTTPS so that the Detail is safe.

Everyone uses the Internet in today's time, but everyone would not know the HTTP VS HTTPS difference.

Therefore, in such circumstances, if you have information, then it is your duty that you apply this information to everyone through the account of your Social Media. So that everyone can know what HTTP and HTTPS restful are used.

Apart from this, what is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS should also be aware so that we securely on the Internet from one end to another end?

In the end, I am talking again that if you have a double connection to this article, then do not keep it inside yourself, definitely clear through the comment.



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